Landscape Services

The Green Team welcomes a variety of clients and properties including residential, commercial, municipal, and schools.  By collaborating with clients we identify and customize innovative landscape solutions that fit your needs and budget.  All services include an onsite consultation to discuss individual needs and pricing.

Landscape Design and Installation

  • Customized plans that bring your vision/goals to life
  • Softscapes, hardscapes and low voltage lighting
  • Sustainable solutions: natives, edibles and rain gardens

Full Property Maintenance Contracts

  • Customized contracts that fit your landscape needs
  • Choose from a variety of services we offer

Bed Maintenance

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly seasonal plans
  • Weeding, cutbacks, deadheading, shrub pruning, and tree pruning
  • Pricing based on bed sizes, plant type, and layout

Yard and Bed Renovation

  • Bed preparation including soil amendments
  • Edging
  • Delivery and installation

Mulch Installation

  • Site preparation
  • Edging
  • Delivery and installation

Spring and Fall Cleanup

  • Removal of leaves and debris from turf and beds
  • Appropriate cutbacks for perennials and shrubs
  • Weeding

Annual Colorscaping

  • Maximize seasonal color with showy annuals
  • Site preparation
  • Delivery and installation


  • Based on 24 visits during the season from April 1st to November 30th
  • Cut every 7 to 10 days depending on conditions
  • Cut at a sustainable height of 3.5"
  • Each visit includes cutting, trimming, and blowing off hard surfaces
  • $750 minimum for the season


Child Care Facilities and Schools

Certified Play Chips

  • Site analysis
  • Drop zone material removal
  • Delivery and installation

Natural Playground Sealant

  • Assess treated lumber
  • Remove and replace damaged wood
  • Seal with a natural mineral oil-based sealant appropriate for early childhood licensing

Playground Sand

  • Clean out debris
  • Sand delivery and installation

Go Natural with the Green Team

At the Green Team, we believe that landscape management is about working with nature, rather than against it. By designing, planting, watering, fertilizing and maintaining a property strategically, we can create a landscape that contributes to a healthier and safer environment for all to enjoy.

With the value we place on sustainability, our primary focus is to serve customers who want to create a vibrant landscape without synthetic chemical applications. We also work with customers who wish to use limited, selected chemicals. We can discuss what options are best for you, with clarity about the methods and strategies we employ.

The Green Team works with a variety of clients and is able to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

Signature Organic Fertilizer

  • Supplies nutrients to the soil after they are broken down and consumed by microbes
  • A slow release method, preventing nutrient runoff and protecting our waterways
  • More fertilizer is made available at the appropriate time of year
  • No danger of burning the lawn


Interested in our Natural Lawn Care Program?

Pricing and Billing

There is a $750 seasonal project minimum for maintenance and install clients.  We are unable to provide a la carte services that do not reach the project minimum. 

To work with our client's budgets, we offer three options for billing:

  • Total cost upfront
  • Services totaling less than $2,000: two-time billing  50% up front and 50% due July 31st
  • Services totaling over $2,000: monthly billing with first payment up front

NOTE: In order to start any services, an initial payment must be made.