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The Green Team - Sustainable Landscape Management - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Green Team is happy to announce that we will now be providing all-natural, 100% organic fertilization and weed control. Please use the contact form to the left to request more information.

The Green Team services southeastern Wisconsin providing sustainable landscape management for properties from small residential homes to large commercial and municipal landscapes.

The Green Team is committed to reducing its footprint by providing services that reduce your footprint, like installation and management of rain barrels, compost, and native gardens. Using best practices like proper mowing height and green energy use further show our commitment to the environment.  Ask about our electric mowing service for smaller turf maintenance and biofuels for larger properties.

Take a look at the services we offer and the wide-range of projects we can manage for you.

“When one tugs at a single thing
in nature, he finds it attached to
the rest of the world.” - John Muir